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Summary of Green Pricing Programs in Minnesota

Table of Green Pricing Programs for Wind Energy
Utility Name Program Name Online Sign-up? Download Sign-up? Type Size Start Date Premium per kWh Total MN Customers1 Program Users1 Total Wind Energy Produced1
Basin Electric Power Cooperative (only 2 co-ops offer program) Prairie Winds Through Member Cooperatives only Through Member Cooperatives only wind 2.6 MW 2000 3.0 Not Avaliable Not Avaliable Not Avaliable
Dakota Electric Association Wellspring Renewable Wind Energy Program Yes No; call 800-874-3409 to sign up wind from GRE 660 kW 1997 1.28 89,000 891 (10.01%) 2,782,100 kWh
Great River Energy (GRE) (all 29 co-ops offer program) Wellspring Renewable Wind Energy Program No; call 763-441-3121 for information No; call 763-441-3121 for information wind 6 MW 2000 1.28-2.0 550,000 Not Avaliable Not Avaliable
Minnesota Power WindSense No Yes (in PDF Format) wind from GRE 1 MW 2000 2.5 144,000 900 (0.06%) 1,500,000 kWh
Minnkota Power Cooperative (only 9 co-ops offer program) Infinity Wind Energy Through Member Cooperatives only Through Member Cooperatives only wind 900 kW 1999 3.0 90,000 534 (0.59%) Not Avaliable
Moorhead Public Service Capture the Wind e-mail only No; call 218-299-5400 to sign up wind 1.5 MW 1998 1.5 12,500 900 (7.2%) Not Avaliable
Otter Tail Power Company TailWinds Yes No; call 218-739-8200 to sign up wind 900 kW 2001 2.6 58,0692 1,007 (1.73%) 1,822,783 kWh
Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (all 18 offer program) Wind Power No No; 800-237-8992 to sign up wind 900 kW 2000 3.0 Not Avaliable Not Avaliable Not Avaliable
Xcel Energy* WindSource Pending Start-up Pending Start-up wind from GRE 1.8-MW 2003* 2.0 1,100,000 Pending Start-Up Pending Start-Up
Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado, and individual utility websites and electronic correspondence with these utilities

1 = As of 2002-12-31 2 = As of 2001-12-31 *= scheduled to begin February 2003 (but not active as of the most recent update). Data based on approved concept.

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