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Resolution on the Spirituality of Food Production

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Environmental Stewardship Resolution

Note: The following final approved text is offered for your information and comment. If you are using this or a version of this resolution for your diocese, synod, or other church organization, please let us know. The links within the resolution are to implementing ideas and thoughts. The Links at the end of the resolution are to assist individuals, congregations, and businesses in Minnesota implement Green Energy portions of this resolution. Before you begin reading, you are invited to read the essay The Earth is the Lord's which was written in Soundings, the Diocesan Newspaper, to begin a series of articles about the various actions listed in the final paragraph of this resolution. The implementing ideas also have appeared in Soundings since the resolution was passed at the 143rd Annual Convention (October 27-29, 2000). We invite you to visit these pages also.

A Resolution on Church Buildings and Grounds, and Church-Related Activities

WHEREAS we believe in God as the Creator, Source, and End of all things, who forms the Earth and calls human beings to be created co-creators in harmony with the Earth's well-being, and, WHEREAS environmental degradation and global warming threaten the Earth's well-being, and, WHEREAS our structures and activities are a reflection of our awareness of Creation, our sense of a peaceful and serene world and our feelings of mutual respect with and for our brothers and sisters, and, WHEREAS our church buildings, grounds, and related activities are outward and visible signs of our inward and spiritual grace of commitment to Godís purposes in harmony with all Creation, [Thoughts on this Preamble] THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the staff and membership of the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota engage in building actions and cultural activities with prayerful considerations about the impact these actions will have on our Earth home. Ways we will live into this approach are:

  • use of renewable, sustainable clean energy;[Thoughts on Implementing this idea]
  • concentration on reduction of energy and resource usage through retrofitting and/or replacement of inefficient heating/cooling, plumbing and ventilation systems; [Thoughts on Implementing this idea]
  • use of energy-efficient, low-impact construction materials and procedures in all construction and renovation projects, to include generation and proper disposal of construction and packaging waste;
  • making careful, educated decisions on the origin, impact and disposal of cleaning, maintenance and office materials purchased, used and expended during on-site activities and operations; [Thoughts on Implementing this idea]
  • use of landscape designs and maintenance that are in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem, center around native flora and fauna, decreasing use of pesticide and herbicide chemicals and proper disposal of yard waste such as grass trimmings and branches; [Thoughts on Implementing this idea]
  • intentional planning and execution of all church-related activities so as to maximize use of public transportation, alternative transportation (such as walking and biking), and car-pooling; [Thoughts on Implementing this idea]
  • preparation of food that focuses on foods that are organic, locally grown and that do not create excessive waste, and on utensils and packaging that are minimal, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  1. This resolution and the implementing instructions are available in hard-copy form in a booklet entitled A User's Guide on the "Resolution on Church Buildings and Grounds, and Church-Related Activities. If you would like a copy of this booklet, please write to us and request a copy. If you are able, please include $1.00 for postage and printing.
  2. In a service to individuals living in Minnesota, On 2003-02-19, MEESC began posting several webpages that will contain contact information and green energy programs available from every utility operating in Minnesota. We will update this page as new information is received.

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