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Creation Season 2008 March 30 May 4, 2008 (Easter 2 through Easter 7, Year A)

Welcome! We're glad you're planning on observing a liturgical season of creation. We have prepared some materials for you to use in worship and in teaching.

The outline below and the individual links will point you to materials for preparing various parts of services for the Creation Season for 2008 (Year A, Easter 2 through Easter 7). All Links go to the specific item except for the link for the Sunday, which will take you to a page for that Sunday.

Sunday Sunday Theme Gospel Theme Creation Themes
Easter 2 "joyful faith and confident hope" Doubting Thomas precipitation cycle rain dew Sub-Theme: all life on earth depends on moisture of some kind
Readings Hymns Prayers
Easter 3 "response of thanksgiving for salvation" Road to Emmaus flowing water, rivers/streams redeeming love flows from God like a stream Sub-Theme: life as a journey OR the effluent of our lives impacts others
Homilist Notes Bulletin Inserts: Full Page Half Page
Readings Hymns Prayers
Easter 4 Good Shepherd Sunday The Good Shepherd lakes and seas/oceans God/Jesus is the Good Shepherd for all creation, not just humans Sub-Theme: oceans as heat and CO2 sinks
Readings Hymns Prayers
Easter 5 "deliverance from [our] enemies" Jesus is the way, truth, life water as integral to life social injustice of water inequity Sub-Theme: ecosystems/interdependency of habitat zones "living stones" wars, poverty, subsistence all threatened by human action
Readings Hymns Prayers
Easter 6 "resurrection as God's call to those trapped in idolatry" [God] will give an Advocate groundwater/wells Sub-Theme: how bottled water is depleting natural water supplies and creating false sense of security
Readings Hymns Prayers
Easter 7 "those who trust in God recall the former deliverance" 'so that they may be one' our cleanliness/footwashing Sub-Theme: humans can be the enemy of the rest of creation
Homilist Notes Bulletin Inserts: Full Page Half Page
Readings Hymns Prayers

There are also some general References to help you with your Service and Religious Education Planning.

As a reminder, if you do reproduce information for use in your parishes, please follow the notation requirements on use of our materials.

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