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Creation Season 2008 (Year A) March 30 May 4, 2008

Additional Resources

Welcome! We're glad you're planning on observing a liturgical season of creation. We have prepared some materials for you to use in worship, teaching, and personal reflection.

The list of Creation Season resources below is designed to help you find additional information that can apply to the water themes of this Creation Season for use in Religious Education activities of all ages and in sermon preparation.

California Water Resources Control Board:

Congregations Caring for Creation Resources include Worship/spiritual resources, which include: season of creation, Earth Prayers, Iona Community worship resources, Earth Day Worship resources; Educational resources, Green Building, Grounds and Operational Resources, etc.
Ducks Unlimited Greenwings (PDF): This is a huge pdf file with activities concerning wetlands. You can find a good file on the water cycle to print.
Ekklesia: These pages contain a Litany for Healing of the earth and other litanies
Evangelical Environmental Network Resources: Contains fact sheets, Scripture references, print resources, bible study ideas
Natural Resources Defense Council: These pages contain information on how to clean up our water.
Third Order, Society of St. Francis: Under Resources from the 2007 Convocation, click on by clicking here in the second paragraph. After the files download look for St. John Water of Baptism (Pentecost). This is a resource for Baptism and the environment. Also, look for One Hour Water, this contains a good water distribution activity for all ages and addresses the issue of Social Justice (Easter).

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

University of Kentucky:

Web of Creation: Season of Creation: Contains liturgies, biblical references, and worship resources to enable us to worship along with creation, to acknowledge the human role in the degradation of creation, and to covenant with God to care for the earth.

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Note: The List of additional resources was prepared by Emily Nesvold.

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