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Reflection on the Semi-Continuous Track
by the Rev Margaret W. Thomas

When reading Samuel's discussion with God, one is reminded of discussions between parents and children in a family. The children want what every one else has, to wear, to go, to communicate, etc. So God relents and guides Sam in the process of kingly choice for the Israelites. The regal story also reminds one of competition between farmers, be they neighbors growing tomatoes, or large land holders involved in "agribusiness". Being the largest, the best, making the most money, having the most silos, or Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches can indicate degrees of achievement acquisition, and basically, greed.

Israel would have kings as did its neighbors. God's cautions considering the cost of institutional leadership would prove true. Taxes, land ownership, and many aspects of life would change . Many world nations currently struggle over those same issues as they try to leave older forms of royal and dictatorial leadership. Our own states and nation also seek ways to be just and not abandon the poor and lowly who are often mentally or physically ill.

The increasing interconnectedness of world affairs cause us all to be more dependent on each other, no matter where we live. Americans use so much more of the world's naturally resource per capita that we need to repent and reform.

Sibling or neighborly rivalry can drain the love and spirit from families, neighborhoods, and nations. Jesus too had difficulty with rivalry among his followers and, according to Mark, there "issues" present within his own family. Older mothers can identify with feelings of abandonment within in their own families as they wait for calls and visits in nursing homes.

However, those who rely on Christian scripture are quite familiar with the various ways that folks are "called" by work and warfare and affairs of state, using Mary's model as a pattern for their own scattered family activities.

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