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Reflection on the Semi-Continuous Track
by the Rev Margaret W. Thomas

So God recognizes that Saul was not up to the kingly call and sets Sam off to anoint another king. Again family "issues" are set into motion which will effect the new monarchy and king forever. The youngest, the lowly in the family tree is chosen. He will become one the Israelites most important leaders. The king whom every other king will follow. Jesus lineage in scripture is connected to David through references and stories in Jesse's family tree. We often remember those stories in Advent and Christmas season in song and symbol.

So much of Biblical scripture is based on a rural life. Both nomads and farmers relied on climate and geography. Indigenous folks still do rely on climate and geography for the shape of their lives. Mark's story of Jesus explaining the amazing kingdom of God as being like seeds scattered, especially a tiny mustard seed, whose growth will be such that many more seeds are produced and many animals will dwell within it's branches is one of the easiest and most basic story of the abundance of God's love and Graig Of, course, one must face the "literal translation" issue of American culinary mustard seeds not resembling the scriptural seeds first. Then one may face the fact that few folks are free seders these days and one must translate the story to dandelion seeds perhaps' or grass seeds' or some local plant which folks will recognize and picture. Stories about oak trees or western pines which rely on squirrel, prairie dog or other rodents for the seed planting may provide better analogies in various parts of the world.

Native Ojibwe folk in the American northern midwest arranged their lives according to the lunar moon phases. Each moon was named for aa action or occurrence in the natural world. This current time is strawberry moon for the earliest berry. Raspberry and blueberry moons follow, then wild rice harvesting. The latter provides the most easily transferred natural food process to the Markan story. The ricing is done in canoes with wooden poles. One person propels the boat gently among the tall leaves and rice heads. The people know not to harvest every kernel of wild rice at once. Some is left to ripen for succeeding weekly harvest. Some rice is left for the ducks and some is supposed to fall into the water as seed for the next year's crop. Native folks know of the interconnectedness of life with the other plants and creatures of their world. Their past ways provided a sustainable life with enough for all. The kingdom of God can also provide enough grace and good for all.

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