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Reflection on these Readings of the Semi-Continuous Track
by the Rev Margaret W. Thomas

Issues of Fear of the unknown and fear of the small and weak against the rich and powerful or evil ACG in these lessons.

The stories of folks active in the racial civil rights movement in the American south often bring the same sorts of fear to mind. Certainly Rosa Parks who went to sit in the midst of the city bus was facing huge evil. Hers is an amazing tale of righteousness triumphing against massive powers.

A visit to the Birmingham, Alabama civil rights museum was shared by bus loads of folks from churches and community organizations around the south. People of all generations told stories of family members and friends who participated and whose names and pictures were displayed. Across the street from the museum is the 16th Street Baptist Church where four little girls were blown apart in death by men who opposed integration of their children. Across another street is a park where police used attack dogs and water hoses to break up demonstrations. Statues now stand as reminders. One visit to those places is a reminder of how people often risked lives to remove the bondage that continued to enslave people. Courage was all around, such as that of David, perhaps even more,for those people were ordinary, not Annnie to be kings. It is the sort of courage which any who espouse major changes in society or institutions must muster for the long lonely work of change all sorts and conditions of change.

Mark's story of the sleeping Jesus bringing calm to the sudden storm on the lake as his disciples labored to lower the sail and row can be applied to many situations of fear. For those seeking justice for GLBT folk or farm workers or species of flora and fauna of sorts need to hang onto the boat and pray. The workers, we, the disciples are often fearful. We need to help immediately with food, help, rescue of the perishing. We also need to work in many creative ways to change the hearts and minds of the greedy, the oppressors, the lazy and the uninformed. WE need to rebuke the storm, and instill courage for ourselves and other workers.

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The Rev Margaret W Thomas was a supply priest for the Episcopal Church in Minnesota when she originally wrote this reflection in 2012. Margaret and we welcome your comments. Please address your comments or additional reflections to Margaret Thomas or any MEESC member, or mail them to:

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