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Reflection on these Readings of the Semi-Continuous Track
by the Rev Margaret W. Thomas

Laments form the Samuel lesson and the psalm. David mourns over the deaths of Johathan and Saul. Mark's gospel contains the stories of acute pain from two women. one is an aging women now poor from her attempts at cures and the other is a much loved young girl lying near death. Fear, sadness, confusion fill the pages of scripture.

Fear, sadness, confusion fill the pages of recent newspapers concerning issues that some would declare are the direct results of global warming. While many folks still refuse to admit there is global warming, or that human life, especially American human lifestyle causes any warming, some people recognize climate change and know Americans are responsible for it. We do lament our own situation, and our responsibility for it.

Recent conferences concerning the changes held in Kyoto, Copenhagen, Rio, and Aspen all are trying to recognize causes and suggest reductions of fossil fuel uses especially. The whole world seems to lament as the scriptural stories do. Some Americans do recognize, but we lament that we cannot challenge the minds of more people and thus American policies and practices that would protect the planed as well as the creatures and plants of our own local lives.

Recently my home area in northern Minnesota was beset with torrential, record breaking rains. At the same time forest fires raged through Colorado and Arizona. Extremes in weather are listed as some of the results of severe climate change. The rising sea levels in the coastal northern American sea coast were recently reported by the U.S. Geological Survey. David Zucchino of the Los Angeles Times summarized the data concerning projections in the rise of coastal waters. The study predicts that sea levels will rise 9 inches by 2030 and 18 inches by 2050. Most of the water's rise is the result of the melting of the Polar ice, especially Greenland's ice sheet. I will not be around then, but I have recently witnessed the rising tides on the South Carolina shore and I have been to both coasts and know how much of them will be effected.

As America celebrates July Fourth and the nation's founding; we might remember our futures on the land while we enjoy with fireworks in the sky.

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The Rev Margaret W Thomas was a supply priest for the Episcopal Church in Minnesota when she originally wrote this reflection in 2012. Margaret and we welcome your comments. Please address your comments or additional reflections to Margaret Thomas or any MEESC member, or mail them to:

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