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Creation Season 2006 (Year B): October 1 through November 5, 2006 Liturgical Outline

The outline below and the individual links are aids to prepare a Liturgical materials for the Creation Season for 2006 (Liturgical Year B) in the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota (October 1 to November 5, 2006; Propers 21-26) as declared by Bishop Jelinek, and set forth in the Resolution to Celebrate Creation Season passed at the 148th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota, October 2005.

Resources for Service Bulletins for the Whole Season:

Resources Keyed to each Individual Sunday

Date Propers Theme Education Notes
Oct 1
Sustainability Soil Yom Kippur; Oct 2: Child Health Day
Oct 8
Plant seeds Plant seeds Columbus Day; Oct 9: Canadian Thanksgiving
Oct 15
Harvest Harvest / Gourds and Seeds Oct 16: World Food Day
Oct 22
Bonding thru Eucharist Make communion bread
Oct 29
Eating locally Local crops v. other areas Growing zone map
Nov 5
Land we've been given Earth Care Pledge
Nov 5 All Saints Water/Baptism Nothing grows without water Nov 1: All Saints Day

This Liturgical Outline can be used with the Religious Education Outline or independently.

Users may use some or all of these outlines to fit their own requirements.

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