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Creation Season 2012 October 7 October 28, 2012 (Proper 22 through Proper 25, Year B)

Humans Interacting/Reconciling with 'this fragile Earth, our island home'

We thank you for the chance to consider the materials we have compiled and created. May they help you in your worship and in your spiritual journey in this world.

Each of our topics looks at a different aspect of our relationship and reconciliation with "this fragile Earth, our Island home." We have prepared some materials for you to use in worship and in religious education.

The outline below and the individual links will point you to materials for preparing various parts of services for a Creation Season in 2012 for Proper 22 through 25 (Year B, Revised Common Lectionary). All Links go to the specific item except for the link for the Sunday, which will take you to a page for that Sunday. The focus of these materials is on the Old Testament (Hebrew Scripture) and Gospel readings.

Some of the materials are still being finalized and some links may not be complete. Please come back in late August for more resources.

Sunday Theme
Creation Theme
Proper 22 For Jesus, the value of relationship is made more equal through the treatment of women and children

We have divorced ourselves from the fullness of Creation.

God created an exquisitely magnificent interdependent creation/world in which all elements and aspects are valued and essential. We have fallen away from honoring God's creation, and need to seek forgiveness for our abuse and disregard of this gift

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Other Materials
Readings Hymns Canticle
Proper 23 Obtaining the kingdom of God is difficult while holding on to the valuables of the world

We touch the world in hard and masterful ways, ripping from it the goods we need We seek to first heal our own 'sinfulness'.

We begin healing by understanding our own culpability in this wounding, by seeking healing for that part of ourselves that is in dis-harmony with creation. We ask God's healing touch to enter our lives, and reaffirm our resurrection ways so that we may be agents of reconciliation

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Other Materials
Readings Hymns Canticle
Proper 24 Disciples are to work in concert with one another, not separating into hierarchies and classes

Humans are disconnected from the lifestyle of the earth and wander in the desert (proverbial or literal). We feel isolated and the world's bounty seems far from us.

Following the model of our forgiveness, we forgive others for their misguided ways, and acknowledge it is our common lives we must heal. We must have patience with ourselves and others (while not being slow or forestalling) to grow into the realization that much must change.

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Other Materials
Liturgy Readings Hymns Canticle
Proper 25 Humans are healed to see again (like Bartimaeus and Job) that it is God who is the ground of our being.

Salvation comes when as humans we live most fully when we live sustainably in concert with the earth and are satisfied with its riches. Hearing the pain we have caused the world, we seek to reconcile our mutual life rhythms.

Together we seek to bring harmony and new ways of living in sustainable interdependence with Creation

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Other Materials

Collect Prayers Education Readings Hymns Canticle

There are also some general References to help you with your Service and Religious Education Planning.

As a reminder, if you do reproduce information for use in your parishes, please follow the notation requirements on use of our materials.

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