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Year C, Proper 27 Standard (Episcopal) Lectionary Revised Common Lectionary (Gospel Theme Track) Psalm

Psalm 17:1-8

My footsteps hold fast to the ways of your law; in your paths my feet shall not stumble (vs 5)

Reflection on Psalm 17:5 by Nan Stokes

The collect for this 23rd Sunday after Pentecost, and the lesson, too, remind us to remember the hope of the resurrection and purify ourselves so that we are prepared and worthy when God's blessed Son comes again with power and great glory. Job cries that he knows his Redeemer lives and that he will stand upon the earth, and Paul urges the Thessalonians to stand firm and hold fast to the traditions they were taught. Jesus answers the Sadducees about how it will be in the resurrection we are children of God and will be like angels and unconcerned about things of this world no matter how the questions are convoluted by the questioners.

The psalmist asks for justice in the eyes of the Lord and prays there will be refuge at the Lord's right hand. We would like to consider ourselves the apple of the Lord's eye, and to be hidden under the shadow of God's wings. Is that certainty of protection what it means to be a child of God? It is a picture of peace and security, and we can hold fast to the ways we have been taught if it means being part of that picture when our Redeemer stands upon the earth.

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Reflections on other Readings [Standard (Episcopal) and Revised Common Lectionary] for Year C, Proper 27

Revised Common Lectionary

Standard (Episcopal) Lectionary

Old Testament (Hebrew Scripture) Lesson:
Haggai 1: 15b2:9
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Job 19:23-27a
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Job 19:23-27a
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Psalm 145: 1-5,18-22 no reflection available or Psalm 98
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Psalm 17:1-9
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Psalm 17:1-8
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New Testament Lesson:
2 Thessalonians 2: 1-5, 13-17
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Luke 20: 27 - 38
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Luke 20: 27 - 38
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