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We meet quarterly close to the solstice and equinox.


Resolution on the Spirituality of Food Production

Resolution on Church Buildings and Grounds

Resolution on Creation Season

Resolution on Green Congregations




Discussions and Reflections

One of the foci of the MEESC is to provide a forum for discussion of

We feel that the writings and traditions of our Christian faith are rich in seasonal and natural reflection. It is our current times that overlook the call to the earth, our home, from every nook and cranny of our historic spiritual practice.



We welcome you to share in these reflections.
Please read, study and inwardly digest their contents. If you desire, you may enter into dialog with the author or provide your thoughts for posting. All that you need to do to post your thoughts in this collection is to send an e-mail to our webverger, any member of the MEESC, or write to:

c/o C. Morello
4451 Lakeside Drive
Eveleth, MN 55734-4400 USA

The MEESC assumes that all correspondence received is for publication on this web site. If your comments are not for publication, please so note on your correspondence. The MEESC reserves the right to decide which items are included on the web site.

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