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Creation Season 4: Light Sermon originally presented October 28, 2001 Copyright 2001 by Thomas D. Harries

This morning we conclude our 4 week celebration of Gods creation with a celebration of light.

We began our service with a prayer for light, and with the passing of a flame from one person to the next.

The flame that gives is in no way diminished by its gift. It burns just as brightly as before. Light is the fundamental energy of the universe.

The warmth of the sun is carried to us in the form of photons, the basic units of light.

Light also feeds us. Johns Gospel uses light as a metaphor for Jesus. Jesus is the light of the world. The sun shines on everyone, without distinction. Light has a mysterious side. Another parallel between light and God is that we see only a small portion of what is there.

God blesses us with the rich colors of the rainbow, stretching from red to blue. But above these are a much larger range of frequencies known as ultraviolet light, including x-rays Below are the infrared lights and below that radio waves. Its important to remember that everything we know about God is only a small part of the spectrum.

The story is told that the great theologian Augustine, near the end of his life stopped writing and speaking about theology. When asked about it he said he had realized that everything he thought he knew was as nothing compared to the mystery of God, who cannot be contained or described by a man.

Light is very powerful.

The energy, the power of light is not only outside of us, impinging on us. AMEN
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This sermon was part of a four-week Creation Season service first presented in October 2001 at St. Nicholas' Episcopal Church, Richfield, MN. For additional information on the service, contact St. Nicholas' or the Rev Thomas Harries, their priest.

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